H B Classic Chrome Toaster Info

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The Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Toaster is a great looking toaster and more.  To quote Hamilton Beach: they are ”attractively designed and compact and reliable”;  they are “built to last and engineered to provide uniform consistent results”.

Your toasted food pops up when done.  Toasting can be stopped any time with the Cancel button.  Do not put anything in the toaster that you have already spread anything on.  The user manual has a chart for possible shade levels for different breads.

This unit has the SmartToast Bagel setting button.  With this setting, the toaster toasts the cut side of the bagel and only warms the outside.  When toasting a bagel, you ne to put the bagel in the slots with the cut sides facing out.

You select the toast shade with an easy to use dial.  It ranges from light to dark.  The shades are indicated with dots that start small for light and get larger for increasing darkness.

How to Toast

  • Plug in toaster
  • Place appropriate food in slot
  • Select desired toast shade
  • Press lever down until catches

Regularly remember to clean the crumb tray.  It is an easy slide out tray that wipes off.

You get wide slots with bread guides on this model.  The bread guides adjust to the thickness and prevent the food from leaning.  Keeping the food straight upright gives consistent all over toasting.  Any of the slots can be used when toastiing just a single item.

You select Defrost when toasting something that is frozen.  Using this button adds more time to allow for thawing so that the item will be heated all the way through.  After the toasting has been started then press the Defrost button.

There is also a Reheat button for you to use.  After starting the toast cycle, press the Reheat.  This will cancel the toasting cycle and just warm your food for 30-50 seconds.

You can set two of the functions at the same time.  A frozen bagel can be toasted by starting the toast cycle with desired shade first.  Then select the Bagel function and next select the Defrost function.

The automatic shut off feature operates and activates the popping up at the end of the toasting cycle.  You have a toast lift feature that makes it easier and safer to reach the food.  To use this feature, the same lever that lowers the food is used.  Once the item has popped up, then push the lever up to raise the food higher.

The Hamilton Beach Classic Chrome Toaster is available in both 2 slice and 4 slice models.  They both contain all the same functions and features.

Both model sizes have a 2 year manufacturer’s limited warranties and the user manual is in both English and French.


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