Why do They do That?

I have seen a dog get beat and still love the one who beat him,I have seen a dog get shot with a bb gun and still limp home to the one who shot him.My question why? why do they give unconditional love,I was told its just because they are stupid and do not know better.Wow this set a fire under me and honest pissed me off,I have a mini daschund and a lab/boxer mix.We volunteer at a local shelter every chance we get and let me tell you dogs are not stupid.Although I still wonder why they treat us so wonderful.I have seen a rottie rescue a drowning child at a lake near us,it was his masters kid and when no one else sensed it he did and didnt think twice just dove in grabbed that kid,he is a hero.

I believe there should be stronger punishment for people who hurt these creatures.They love us no matter what we do,they do not judge us.They dont care if we are white or black,big or small they just love us.

This story is short but it is meant to tell the person reading this how wonderful the love of a dog can be.If you are a dog lover then Thank you for giving love back and if you are not please reconsider.

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