When Your Children no Longer Want You.

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My dilemma here is what happens to a women life when her children feel they no longer want or even need her?
This is what I am facing at the moment and although I knew that this day would come,its still stings.I have two children a boy and a girl and thank God my son even though he feels he is to big to hang out with momma anymore he does still hug and say I love you and tells me that he will always need me because no one else can cook the way I do.I hope this never changes but scared that when he gets a wife it just might and I do not want to end up like the mom on Raymond,I actually want the people my children marry to all get along with me.So far now I enjoy cooking and getting in the hugs I can and pray for the best.

Now my real problem begins,my daughter wow where do I start.Mom is so uncool unless of course she needs to borrow money.I am sure someone reading this knows exactly what I mean.You know that hurts but they are our kids so what do you do? We do our best to raise them as respectable people although t.v and music go against us these days.We hold their hand as long as we can them pray and ask God to hold them when we no longer can.

I have been going through alot with this and I have come up with a few things that are helping me cope and I hope that if someone is going through anything like this it just might help you too.

# 1=get a dog small or large it doesnt matter,they want nothing but love and they never talk back or ask to borrow money or the car,they just want you.This may sound crazy but I have a mini daschund and a lab and they have given me joy.They have filled a hole,I guess because I want my children love the way I gave love to my mother unconditional and that is actually what my two puppies do for me.If you are not an animal lover then try tip number 2

#2= gardening,yes gardening its not just for little old ladies.Turn your yard into a paradise for YOU,make it the way YOU want it and when you sit out and enjoy the fruits of your labor that are blloming so beautiful and all thanks to YOU.No kids toys in yard to trip over,just your own little piece of paradise.

# 3= travel go anywhere you want,heck you will save so much by no having to pay for the kids you can actually buy a souvineer.

And last but not least if all else fails you can immerse yourself in the world of tv.

But whatever you do always remember your kids still love you but they are exploring who they think they are right now.In due time they will be back around and then shortly after live will settle in and you will be a grandma lol. But now you will have a beautiful paradise in our own yard for your grandbaby to admire.

Good luck to you all and God bless.


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