Hot Wax

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Using hot wax on your legs is oftentimes seen as a fairly modern invention. However, hot wax hair removal actually has its roots in ancient Egypt where members of the royalty would wax away their unwanted hair. This is because they viewed this process as a way in which they could retain both their youth and their beauty.

It is important to understand that wax hair removal is only a temporary way in which to get rid of unwanted hair. This hair is removed from its follicle at the root. Since the whole hair is removed, new hairs are unable to grow in the same place until the next hair growth cycle takes place in about 8 weeks.

Hot wax hair remover can be used on almost any part of your body. For this reason, both men and women alike are using this method. Men will oftentimes wax their backs and their chest. Athletes have also been using waxing for years now. The wax is a mixture of bees’ wax, paraffin, oils and fats. There are two ways in which this waxing can be done.

The Hot Wax Method

In a hot wax treatment, hot wax is gently warmed up and then a thin layer is applied to your skin. A cotton strip is then laid over the top of this hot wax as the wax is allowed to cool. Once the wax has cooled, the strip is quickly pulled off and the hairs in the area that was waxed will have been removed. You should know that hot wax can be painful and it may even leave your skin red and sore. Applying a non-perfumed moisturizer on the area that has been treated can combat this skin irritation.

The Cold Wax Method

The other method of waxing is known as the cold wax method. In this method pre-made wax strips are used on the area where you want to remove hair. A strip of wax is then placed on the area before being rubbed down in order to ensure that the hairs that are located beneath these strips actually adhere to the wax. This strip is then pulled off and the hair is removed. The main advantage to this is that it isn’t as messy as hot waxing but there are a lot of people who do feel that hot waxing will leave you with better results.


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