Fiesta Online Stone Guide [Alchemy]

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First of all you need a character with the Stone Making alchemy skill. When you create a character and go to skill (k button for hotkey) and click on alchemy, you will be able to choose two alchemy skills for your character. Choose the stone making skill and the other choice you can choose whatever you want (Potion making, Scroll Making etc.). I recommend not to choose material composition or material decomposition with this character since that won’t go well unless they both are on one character. One chosen finalise your choise and click the button. You now have your stone maker.

Second of all make another character. This one will be used for material composition and material decomposition (these two skills are used to raise the the quality of an item or lower the item). Again, like the other character go into the skills menu and choose the alchemy skills. This character won’t be needed at the start but it is good when your stone making gets to T2 (Tier 2) so making him is good.

Making You First Stone-

Back to your stone making character. What you need now is the skill to make Elrue T1. Go to skill master Ruby in Roumen and in the alchemy section buy the skill Elrue T1 (right click to buy). The item will appear in your inventory. Open your inventory up and right click the skill learning item. You have now learnt the recipe Elrue T1. You can open your Stone alchemy menu now (Go in skills and in alchemy put the skill in a quick slot for easy usage. Use the shortcut key and open the stone making menu) Elrue should be highlighted in blue meaning you have the recipe. If you click on the name the ingredients will show up and there will be a produce button underneath it. The requirements to make Elrue T1 are 3 Old Spirit Dust, 3 Old Soul Dust and 3 Old Gen Dust. These ingredients are dropped from low level monsters of level 1 to around 30 (Please Note: If this is your alternate character and you have a character level 1-30 use that character to get the ingredients). Go kill some monsters and you should get the ingredients. Once you have the ingredients open your Stone Making menu and click Elrue and make it. The top of the Stone Making menu is your experience with that alchemy skill. As you make more and more stones it will go up. A the number should go from 0 to 1 in the number gauge at the top of the menu once you have successfully made the Elrue.. Note that under Elrue there is a stone called Lix with the number 100 next to it. This means that to make this stone you will need 100 experience with the skill. Elrues T1 can sell for 100copper to other players (note: the price will be low if sold to NPC-Non Player Characters). Make elrues until your stone making experience goes to 100. Once at 100 Lix making will be unlocked.

Making Lix-

Once you have achieved 100 stone making experience go to Skill Master Ruby again and buy the Lix T1 recipe from her. Learn the skill and open your Stone Making menu. Lix should now be highlighted in blue. Once at this stage it gets very easy. The ingredients for lix T1 are 3 T1 Elrues and Copper Ore Low Quality. Copper Ore can be obtained by mining in the mine near Roumen. Buy yourself a pickaxe and you can go mine. Do not bother to make the Elrues anymore. At Item Merchant NPCs located in every city, they sell Elrue T1’s at a relatively cheap price of 250copper each. Buy them this way and go mine for the copper ores. Once you have the ores you can make the lix. Mine a lot of them and keep extras for you material decomposition character (explanation of composition and decomposition of materials at the end of stone making guide). Lix sell for 1-5silver to other players (to gain maximum profit it is wise to check the other player’s vendors at how much they are selling for and selling for a price around there. Do not overprice your stones too much!). Once again when you have enough stone making experience learn the new stone skill, in this case Xir.

Making Xir-

Like the others buy the skill and learn it. Making xir is unlike the others. It is a bit trickier because of it requiring a topaz and Copper Ore Medium Quality. The ingredients needed are 3 Lixes T1, Copper Ores Medium Quality and topaz. Copper ore Medium Quality can be obtained by mining like the low quality (Read Material Decomposition for an easy way to get them). Topaz can be obtained in abysses as drops or by mining and they have low drop rates. Once you have the ingredients you can make the xir. They sell for 10-20silver. Note: For quick profit and easier stone experience it is recommended to make and sell lixes instead of xirs.

T2 Stones-

Once you have got enough stone making experience T2 stones will appear on the stone making menu. Do the same with them, gather ingredients and make.

Elrues T2-

Do as before buy skill and learn it. Once here you should know how to stone make. Get the ingredients and make. Ingredients required are 3 Dim dusts of each kind. They are obtained from killing monsters lv 30-60. Once you have them do not make the Elrue. Instead you should open a purchase vendor and buy the dusts. Once you have stacks of dusts make the elrues and sell them. Price varies and are around 6s check with other vendors. Once enough experience learn Lix T2.

Lix T2-

Buy and learn the skill. Ingredients required are 3 Elrues T2 and High Quality Copper Ores. Mine the copper ores but their drop rate is very low (read material decomposition for easy way to obtain). Once you have the ingredients make the lix. Check the other stores for pricing. Again when available learn Xir T2.

Xir T2-

Buy and learn the skill. Ingredients needed are 3 Lix T2 and topaz and Silver Ore low quality. Silver ore can be mined near elderine. They are easy to get but the topaz is still the same. Make once you have the ingredients. Check other stores for pricing.

Materal Composition and Decomposition-

These two alchemy skills can help your stone making. This is because you can obtained medium and high quality copper ores from decomposing silver ores. This makes stone making very easy. You will need alchemy stones and the ingredients of your choice. Alchemy stones can be obtained by buying with fame in major cities after Roumen. To train these skills buy stacks of alchemy stones and from the copper ores you have compose them into medium quality and decompose them again. These two skills are easy to train and can be trained like this. If you prefer you can get sap low quality after you have enough experience and compose and decompose them. Once you have enough of their experience you can decompose silver and gold ores and make lots of copper ores. Very convenient for stone makers.

This concludes the guide! Good Luck with your stone making!


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