Improper Diet Plan Program Leads to Damaging Results

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If a person takes less food than he usually takes then it cannot be termed as dieting or it cannot be said that he is taking healthy diet. If a person who wants to do dieting he doesn’t needs to cut down his diet. Diet should be done in such a way that you eat accordingly but the things that are instructed to eat. Scientifically diet can be explained as sum of all food items that a person takes for maintaining a healthy body is known as healthy diet. Dieting habits develops from the culture; culture makes you choose what to eat and what not to. Because foe every culture eating habits and cookie diet involved in various culture are not the same.

Every culture has its own food choices and food taboos. It may be because of the culture or religion. As far as a person is concerned with his diet his religion plays an important part. There are many things prohibited in many cultures around the world.

Dieting doesn’t mean that you should eat food with less calories. If you follow dieting in that way then there is no use. Limiting the intake of food will not do any thing good for your health. All you need to do is to try to eat fresh food.You should stay away from the junk food. It is very important that you need to take that type of diet which contains certain amounts of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. If the diet includes all the necessary components then it is called as nutritious diet.

Your habits of dieting can play a significant role in your health and mortality.

The diet which is consumed by certain native population of a particular area or country is known as traditional diet. Such food can vary from place to place. For a person who is living in inland area his traditional diet will include organic farming and seasonal foods. For a person who is living in coastal area has to depend more on marine life and other sea food so these type of food will be his traditional diet.

Certain diets are limited by the religion itself. There are many prohibitions on eating different things in religion. Like in Islam it is prohibited to eat pork. If a Muslim violated this rule then he will be out of his religion for about 40 days.

But majority of people in Western country do consume pork than any other meat. Though like this religion helps you in maintaining your diet. A highly notorious diet can be searched over the internet. Even if you may get a detailed list of nutritious diet from the internet it should completely mach with you cultural norms.

When we choose a diet it is important that it should be highly nutritious diet and you have to follow it strictly and it should match with your culture and religious standards.


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