Taylor Acoustic Guitar

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If you fancy buying a Taylor acoustic guitar, you’ll find a wide selection of models to choose from. Most models fall into the medium to upper price range, although some entry-level models sell for less. The Taylor website is quite informative, and will help you choose well.


A lot of different things can affect the selection of a stringed-instrument. Different woods, body styles, and strings can all influence a particular instrument’s tone. Certain tones are better suited for either certain kinds of music, or a player’s style. Most high-end manufacturers will take this into account when designing their product line.

A manufacturer’s techniques and tools also affects the quality of an instrument. New Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) milling machines can make wood carving and cutting more consistent from one instrument to another location. Other jobs, like installing fretboard inlays, are done better by hand.

Taylor makes their instruments in the U. S., in El Cajon, California. Prices start at several hundred dollars for the entry-level models, and range up to about seven thousand dollars for the more upscale models. (You’ll also see a few limited-edition models that can sell for ten thousand dollars or more.) These instruments have a reputation for being well-built and for their tonal qualities. Their website includes a summary of some big-name recording stars who are their customers.

When you attend their website, you’ll notice that you can navigate, and quite attractive. There’s, a photo gallery of the different models with an explanation of their features. There’s also information about their manufacturing facilities, and an explanation of the theory behind tonewood selection and construction techniques.

A sensible way to buy a Taylor acoustic guitar is to visit a dealer, and to keep trying different models until you’ve decided what you need. You can test playing some of your favorite music, to determine which one is most comfortable for you to play, and gives you the desired tone. By perusing the company’s website beforehand, you’ll have the knowledge to help you choose wisely.


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