Eating Healthy Without Giving Up Beef

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Beef is high in protein, iron and zinc which we all need for health. Eating too much beef or the wrong kinds of beef can raise your levels of saturated fat in your blood which is not good. The key to eating beef is what kind and how much. You do not need to eliminate beef from your diet, you just need to eat smarter.

A serving of lean beef should be about 4 ounces before cooking. The problem that many people face when eating beef is that they build their meal around the beef. Making beef the “side” dish is the better way to go. Fill your plate with healthy vegetables and make the beef the smallest portion on your dish. This is a way to enjoy the taste of beef without eating too much of it.

Many of my recipes are beef-based recipes. When I use ground beef (for example) I use the leanest ground beef. Many times if I am browning it, I need to add a small amount of extra virgin olive oil in order to properly brown it. The ground beef I use in a recipe is part of the meal not the entire meal. Even with a meatloaf like grandma used to make you can mix in ground chicken or turkey and plenty of shredded or chopped vegetables. It takes on a whole new taste and is much healthier.

Recipes with beef often fall into a “comfort” food category. Comfort food does not have to be bad for you. It depends on how you make it. You can eat roast beef with mashed potatoes without risking your health. Firstly, you do not eat it every day and secondly, it depends on how you prepare it. An eye round roast has 4 grams of fat. It can be cooked to a tender and delicious consistency by using your crock pot. Cut off extra fat and enjoy a slice. Mashed potatoes can be steamed to hold in nutrition and made with skim milk and butter substitute. There is your comfort meal with a lot less fat and calories than Grandma made.

If you really are still bothered by the idea of eating beef, purchase grass fed organic beef. Many supermarkets stock this and since you are only using a small amount, the costs should not be too terrible. Beef can be a part of your healthier lifestyle and not risk your health.


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