Squier Telecaster Guitar

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Do you wish you could see an inexpensive guitar that still plays and looks like the genuine article? The Squier Telecaster Guitar may just be the solution to your prayers. This offshoot company of Fender puts out a great line of lower priced instruments suitable for first-time buyers and veteran players alike.


Not everyone can simply plunk down a grand just for a guitar, regardless of how fabulous it is. Collecters pay thousands for vintage Strats and Telecasters these days. They are just about the most sought after instruments in the world.

Squier by Fender has upheld tradition by manufacturing a top-notch but lower priced line of instruments. A beautiful, finely crafted axe that’s a pleasure to play has stopped being not even considered for the aspiring rocker.

The current model has the slim lines of its classic counterpart, built for speed. The electronics (signature Alnico magnet pickups) produce full, rich tonality, with enough highs, lows and in-betweens to meet the demands of todays popular music.

Full bass and ringing treble are what you expect and this baby delivers. Thanks to its fine wood construction (body made of Agathis pine, neck of Maple and fingerboard of Rosewood)in tandem with the rugged hardware and streamlined electronics, this tried and true design will not fail you.

The standard model boasts twenty-two frets and the added stability of the strings through body style bridge. It also features die-cast tuning machines, chrome hardware, a three-layer pick guard, fretboard inlays and engraving on the neck plate.

Two new editions, the Classic Vibe Custom and Thinline, will soon appear on the scene. They are re-issues of two classic body styles that won favor with many different ‘sixties recording artists.

The reissued Classic Vibe Custom sports a sunburst finish, an Alder wood body, and a funky mint green pick guard. The Classic Vibe Thinline will be made of Mahogany, semi-hollow body style with f-holes. All the vintage style hardware will be true to form on both models including the Alnico single coil pickups, three saddle bridge and other machinery.

So if you are a rising star on a falling budget, it’s not necessary to settle for anything just one totally cool Fender-designed Squier Telecaster guitar!


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