Squire Stratocaster Guitar

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The Squire Stratocaster guitar is a superb choice, especially for guitarists that are in the beginning stages. It is made by a subsidiary of the legendary Fender company, giving you the chance to own the equally legendary Strat for less money. But the lower price does not indicate substandard quality.


Since Squier is a subsidiary of fender, these guitars are not copies but actual Stratocasters. The company makes a few different models in order to choose according to your budget and what you like. The deluxe model isn’t even that expensive, especially compare to the Fender models.

For the person who is just beginning to play, there is the Affinity, the lowest cost model. This gives you the Fender look without paying a lot when you have a lot you should learn. It gives you the ability to play while determining if this is something for you to do for a moment or will continue working at.

The standard model is a bit pricier, though not much, and of higher quality. From there, you can move up to the Deluxe model. If your budget is higher, you might consider the Vintage or Classic Vibe models. You can also get these guitars in versions for people who are left-handed.

Some claim that this product is inferior and only good enough for beginners. Customer reviews, however, indicate that this isn’t the case. Many say they have had their Squier Strats for quite a few years and some say it is still their favorite out.

A guitar is obviously a choice that is personal. What one person likes, another may not. Regardless, the Squire Stratocaster guitar is worth investigating. You can pick from a number of features and shapes so it’s wise to take a look for yourself and see if what you find appeals to you.


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