Silvertone Guitar

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Silvertone guitars have been revered for their quality and value for quite some time. Their products are well-known in the music industry. There many people who say you cannot beat the sound produced by a Silvertone Guitar.


The company started off very small, offering just a limited line of acoustic guitars. They did, however, offer several different models, such as F-holes, classical and steel-stringed guitars. Though small, they managed to last for over 40 years on the American music scene.

One reason they became so popular was due to the fact that for an inexpensive price, they still made good quality instruments. A cheaper price . meant that many more people could buy them, as compared to other models available on the market. Many times, they could be found being played by anyone from farmers to a musician just starting their career.

They expanded their product range to include electric guitars beginning in the 1950s. Because of the low prices and excellent quality, much a lot of general public could discover the amazing sounds provided by electric guitars. There are many guitarists who first learned to play on a Silvertone model.

Their beautiful sounds is still remembered and many musicians seek them out. As the years have passed, they have become more collectible, but their prices still make them affordable for many people. They can often be found listed in classified ads or on various auction sites. There are both collectors and guitarists that consider the a must own item.

Silvertone also manufactured a number of amplifiers, for several years, along with their line of guitars. No doubt that many people will remember seeing them accessible in the Sears & Roebucks catalogs. This also helped with their affordability, since they could be purchased outright, or on the easy payment plan.

If someone wants to learn to play, a Silvertone Guitar might be the perfect choice. They produce great sound, but can still be purchased very inexpensively. Not only do they get a great instrument, but they will literally be learning on an item that is part of music history.


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