Reasons to Go Back to School

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Going back to school as an adult can be a rewarding but daunting task. Getting back to the classroom can make you feel bold, accomplished and give you a sense of pride. Adults going back to school should first ask themselves one question: Why? Not to talk yourself out of going back to school, but to have a concrete set of goals for your journey. Is your goal to change careers, finish a degree program, or simply to broaden your horizons? By focusing on your reason for returning to school, you will be able to better define your educational needs.

College Means Sacrifice and Compromises

Explain to your family how important this experience is for you, and how much you appreciate their support. They are on this journey with you, and just like you, will have to sacrifice and make compromises. Your family will have to take over some of your chores and make sure the house is quiet enough for you to study.

Going back to college after a long hiatus will give you some much-needed “you” time. Making your schoolwork a priority may mean your friends and family will have to be told, “No”. Friends and family want you to succeed, and will help you achieve your goals, even if that means cutting back their need for your time. Before you even start your first day, having a designated time and space for your studies will help you focus and relax while you work

Learning Is For All Ages!

If you are re-entering college after an long absence you should look into how many prior college credits you have. Even if the previous credits aren’t for your intended major, they might still count as elective credits which will help you towards your degree. If it’s been many years since you were in college then your desired degree may have additional classes that are required. Don’t get discouraged, as this will make you the “up-dated” professional!

For older adults, returning to college isn’t so much for the degree, but in the act of opening their mind to new ideas and experiences. Learning to play an instrument or how to speak Chinese will certainly be a mind-stimulating experience!

Whatever your motive is for going back to college, you will find that learning is for all ages!


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