Indian Naval Power Rises

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Armed with torpedo and cruize, the akula class exctremely dangerous K-152 NERPA nuclear submarine is introduced to Indian Navy, and has arrived to Indian ports from Russia.

We all know russia and India worked on brahmos missile and other techbologies together, and they always help each other. Now comes a new turn in the Indo-russian defence relations. India has got a K-152 NERPA from russia worth 30.14 Billion INR.

Weight:- 8140 Ton

Length:- 354.3 to 366.5 Feet

Ability:- Nuclear weapon carrier.

Feature:- Travales without noice.

The new submarine has been named INS Chakra, by Indian navy. This submarine will be included in the Navy till the end of this year. It is the most dangerous recruit in the Navy of russia and now availavle to India also. The manufacture was started in russia in 1993, and took 3.01 billion rupees cost in it. It has been imported in India for 10 Years of treaty. It was to beoduced in november 2008, but during the testing session the leakage of gas lead to the death of 20 naval soldiers, thus the date was postponded.

INS Chakra can travel almost without sound and can load nuclear weapon fo use. It is most efficient to work at battle feilds, and can go deeper then normal submarines.

India was already working on another Nuclear Submarine called INS Arihant, and this new tech. has added to the power of Indiay surely.


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