Facebook Verses Google

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In the current scenario, social networking has become an important tool to get notice. Most of the website go for this social networking to have more and more traffics. Facebook, orkut, and the current networking site Twitter which is more in demand.

Google and facebook are the most competitive social site where both are in demand. Both the social sites were in news. Facebook was in news due to its safety measures and contents.  Google recently had to depart from china. However, both the sites are competing with each other to be the king in the internet marketing.

Let us differentiate between facebook and Google:

Google which is known as the centre of internet, provides every minute details of everything what we type and that too hundred of search result. It has its mark is in every of the website you visit, whenever you visit the website Ads by Google would turn up in the page. Some years ago, yahoo and Microsoft announced Google as their search engine partnership. This brought delight in the mood of advertiser, so that they products can be advertised with the help of Google.  But somewhere it was facing the tough competition with the arrival of new social network called as Facebook.

Google which started with the total profit of $25.1 million and later in 2009 it had the profit of $6.67 billion compare to 2008 mark. Which more enough at the time when world was facing the economic crises.

Facebook on the other side too has not led its users down. Within a short span of period it has reached million of users. Currently there are 300 million users of facebook which is the most competitive margin against Google.  The UGC user’s generated content, is the username and password, where the facebook users use this at the rate of 140 million, which Google can’t even reach there.

Information’s like names, birthday dates, interest and other personal information are hidden according to user’s interest.  But recently it had got into trouble due to its revealing content which brought its users in dangerous. Google has given away its web service, so to get right data which can be focused more on advertisement.

Google has also controlled its advertisement and internet service by providing its users information which is relatively not personal. Google ads that is seen in the sidebars of the website lets to know the browsing history, our geographical location.

In 2009, facebook changed its agreement to give its company the right to use. Facebook allows its users to display their personal information as advertisement.

The future of facebook against Google:

Once Google and Apple used to work together and has the common enemy “Microsoft”. But later Google created and sold Android devices which made these big giants to part away. But now it is announced that Apple will soon connect itself with facebook. And this would help facebook to be in the top of search engine. Facebook also has the alliance with PayPal the online money transfer giant. There are also some reason why Google will fall in the near future compare to facebook.  The reason is mentioned below:

  • Lack of standard and flexibility of Google Chrome.

  • Its entry in smart phone market with Nexus One

  • Lost its focus  on search- which makes its users helpless

  • Weak in media socializing and origin of facebook and added lose.

  • Privacy of data

Facebook will be the most popular networking site and it can also it can be also logged through mobiles. It is assumed that by 2012, facebook will become more active by having the total users of 500 million


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