Common Wealth Games: Suggestions

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Hello friends,

This is my first Article on the site please go through:

Common wealth games are soon going to start and the website says to all visitors, some do’s and don’t do’s. Let’s have a look:-

This is india. If you come and introduce yourself to someone here then you don’t kiss on the cheeks but wish a “NAMASTEY” with folded hands to hi/her.

The ADMIN’s of commonwealth have posted their suggestions on the website of games in this way. It says, the way of salution in India is namastey, so all visitors coming in ceremony . People fold their both han then take them towads their face, then bent a little to wish others. They also say:- If you are a man, and ae introduced to a lady, then you must not go ahed for shaking hands. Yes, If she herself comes up for it then you can.

If you are a lady, and introduced to a man then it depends on you wherether you wanna shake hands or not. The website also says:- To kiss on cheeks while visiting is common thing in western culture, but in india it’s not, so please don’t go for it.

” May India and It’s culture flourish, but this makes us laugh ”

Isn’t it ?


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