Friday Night Smackdown 8-20

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Ok i can’t tell you how disappointed i was at the revelation that Kane was the one that attacked the Undertaker.  This was something i pretty much predicted from day one and when i was predicting it i also said in the same breath how incredibly disappointing it would be.  and i was right on both counts.  I am also skeptical that the matches between them will be any good.

Rey Mysterio opened the show with a promo and the WWE isn’t the WWE without the opening promo being interupted but the interupter was a surprise.  Alberto Del Rio.  They both talked some smack on each other.  Some of it in Spanish.  In the end Rey challenged Alberto to a match, smacked him, shoved him into the ropes and performed a 619 on him.  So apparently they’ll be wrestling later.  I predict a win for Alberto.

Cody Rhodes had another public service announcement about skin care.  Again, at least the promos are short.

Kofi Kingston versus Dolph Zigler.  I predict a Dolph win since its for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.  It helps that Vickie is ring side too.  Maybe Kofi will get himself disqualified due to his anger management issues he has now.  But instead Vickie got Dolph disqualified but Dolph keeps the belt.  It looked as though Dolph was going to beat up on Kofi some more but instead Kofi became the aggressor and took a little too long scaring Vickie before Dolph hit him from behind and then beat up on him some more inside the ring.  Side note, i still miss the spirit squad.  Just when it looked like it was all over and Dolph was leaving he went back spent a good long time with his foot in the air before he kicked Kofi in the face and then left.  Excellent build up on this feud.

A backstage Flawless promo took place after the commercial was over.  I really don’t like this gimmick.  Frankly, its too silly.  Hornswoggle was dressed as a plant in the background.  I don’t like hornswoggle either.  Though for some reason the kids love him.

Then a backstage promo with the members of the straight edge society took place.  With the two male members acting as though they were angry with punk but the female member supported punk.  When punk interupted and took a page from monday night raw and said if any of them lose their match they’re out of the SES. 

The Mixed tag match was next.  Kelly Kelly and the big show versus Serena and Luke Gallows.  Mixed tag matches are typically pretty lame.  I predict an SES win but the match will likely suck either way.  And i was right on both counts.  Serena won with a gut buster.  I’d like to see an end to mixed tags and instead an actual focus on Divas having good matches against each other.

After the commercial and promos Kane was in the ring giving a promo talking about the devil and the 7 deadly sins.  Kane’s promos are pretty good lately.  I still don’t like all the pretend magic he and the Undertaker does.  But I’m hoping Paul Bearer will return to the WWE from this storyline.  It’s a little lame that the WWE had all the video footage ready for Kane’s promo.  Its hard for them to remember that this stuff is supposed to be spontaneous.  Although I guess one could argue they added the footage in post rather than live to tape.  But Kane’s promo was very good.

The next match was Christian versus Drew McIntyre.  They made a big deal out of Christian winning against him a few weeks ago.  They really should start putting a mic in Christian’s hands more often but for this match i predict a Christian win again.  Possibly with interference from Matt Hardy.  Just as the match was about to start Cody Rhode’s music came on and he came out with a suit on.  No reason I could really see yet but i guess he’ll interfere and cause Christian to lose maybe?  But instead he did some commentating.  While commentating Cody talked about his blooming friendship with Drew.   The match was pretty amazing.  These two are excellent performers.  Further proof that Christian is very underutilized.  Christian performed a beautifully done crucifix to get the win.  I am shocked there was no outside interference but after the match was over Cody and Drew beat up on Christian together until Matt Hardy both ran and limped to the ring and attempted to stop things until they started beating up on him and his already injured foot.  So kudos to the WWE for the clean win on this one. 

After commercial Jack Swagger had a backstage promo pushing the lack of respect he received from others on Smackdown.  MVP interupted and made fun of him.  Swagger challened MVP to a match.  If Swagger wins he gets to host a VIP lounge for one night and if MVP wins he’ll throw a block party at Swagger’s expense. I guess that will happen next week.  Pretty lame stipulations but better than nothing I guess.

The Mysterio, Del Rio match was next.  The match was nothing to complain about.  I am always curious what a new wrestler’s finish will be.  I don’t know anything about Del Rio maybe he’s big in mexico or some other independent scene but sadly I don’t have access to follow that stuff as much as I’d likely enjoy it.  Mysterio was over throughout the majority of the match and Del Rio was poised to be hit with the 619 but he caught Mysterio’s legs though that didn’t turn into anything.  Rey got on the top rope when Del Rio knocked him off and Rey landed pretty hard.  Del Rio performed a beautiful cross arm breaker though and Rey tapped out.  Again another kudos to the WWE for another clean win.  But after the match was over Del Rio went back and performed the same move again just to be a better heel i guess.

Aside from the backstage promos the show was very good.  I think you’ll always hear me complain about backstage promos though.  I hate how they pretend the camera isn’t there.  So i give this smackdown much better reviews than those in the past.  Overall i was happy with the latter half of the show more so than the beginning though.


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