Paul Reed Smith Guitar

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The Paul Reed Smith Guitar produced in Maryland is the creation of Paul Reed Smith. The year was 1985 when he started producing guitars for local bands. Today the guitar is world famous.


But now the guitars are highly sought after instruments. Musicians love them because of their sound. Collectors prize them for the value of the instrument. They are true collector items. The instruments are constructed of the wood mahogany and maple. They have highly figured tops that look like stripes from a tiger. Some models are constructed of Brazilian rosewood.

The models that are on the high priced side have finger boards made of the rosewood. The instruments are fine musical pieces that provide the ascetic beauty you will observe on no other guitar. The first major rock performer to use this guitar was Ted Nugent. This signaled a big promotion for the company.

When a big name like Ted Nugent agrees to use your instrument you are thinking about some great publicity if he gives his approval. He did and the guitar maker has not looked back. It is interesting understandably how the actual guitar can have such a large influence on the music and the performer.

For those who are not in touch with the musical world they simply take for granted the guitar that is being played. Too busy listening to the music to consider how the music is influenced by the instrument itself.

But the person who knows about guitars and what makes one different from the next can appreciate the Paul Reed Smith guitar. This guitar is responsible for some great music. If the stars of rock ‘n roll would have used a different guitar then the song might not have been such a big hit.


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