Martin Acoustic Guitars

The CF Martin Company has been designing and building Martin acoustic guitars since January of seventeen ninety-six. After having worked in the household cabinet business in Germany, at the age of fifteen, Christian Frederick Martin Sr. Moved to Vienna to study guitar making with master guitar maker Johann Stauffer. This is where he built the first Martin acoustic guitar.


The Martin Company is recognized for its exceptionally sounding instruments. They are famous all over the world. Martin is definitely progressive by designing and building models the public craved. Today there are numerous models to choose.

Martin designates its different models with letters. D stands for dreadnought, which is a larger guitar than its previous models with a more reverberating bass resonance.

Originally when it was put available on the market it was not popular. People were used to the higher pitched sound of the standard size that was much smaller than this model. Country music made it popular. A guitar with more bass was a better accompaniment to the higher pitched violins and mandolins used in this genre.

Jumbo guitars are bigger than the dreadnought and has a more thunderous sound. Its designation is the letter J. The grand auditorium guitar has a unique design and has a larger bout or bottom than the upper the main body. It has the letter M or OOOO on the label. The auditorium model is designated with OOO and is more like how big is the original Martin. Today many people call this a folk guitar.

Lead guitar players usually prefer a guitar with a C on the label, which means it has a cut away body to enable the player to fret higher on the neck. CF Martin has been making Martin acoustic guitars for over one hundred and fifty years. With this sort of experience, a person knows quality goes into every model.

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