Find A Strip Club That Fits You

I get asked all the time how to find a “good” place to dance. I figure anywhere there’s a place to make money is good for something! But that doesn’t mean you’ll do well at any club you walk into.

Since not every club is for you, I recommend you shop around and find a venue that really works for you. It’s foolish to assume that just because you’re at a place you should be loyal or that you have no other alternatives. The best negotiator knows her options and is never “stuck” with what someone gives her.

  1. Try a club for two or three weeks. If you’re new to the industry you’ll learn a ton that you can take to the next place. If you’re experienced you’ll learn the club type, fee structure, and clientele. Set a timeframe for yourself to give it a serious shot.

  2. Track your earnings. You want account for your total take-home cash and your expenses (those you control like late fees and those you don’t like house cover) for a few weeks to get a feel for what your best nights are to maximize your income. Do this and make sure the club is allowing you to make money consistently.

  3. If you don’t like the club, leave. If you split after a few weeks, that’s okay. Maybe the club is dirty or management is incompetent. Dancers are notorious for “stripper flakiness.” We come and go when we please. Be particularly professional and tell the owner or the manager that you’re not coming back so they can schedule other girls, but apart from that don’t get stuck at a place out of fear of not finding a better venue, or some misplaced sense of loyalty. You’re job is to make money.

When you do find a club you like (and allows you to make good money), go ahead and get comfortable. Sign up for regular shifts. The more often you dance, the more regulars you can get to come see you.

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