Putting Tips – The Two Most Important Putting Factors

The Two Most Valuable Things to Understand About Putting

Putting Tips can be immense and very helpful, but no improvement will happen until the two major factors in making putts are learned and practiced. It may seem straightforward, but here goes:

1. A Consistent Putting Stroke

You must have a consistent putting stroke. There’s no way around it. Without a consistent stroke the ball will take a different direction and speed every time. You cannot be a good putter without a steady stroke. Even if you are misaligned with the wrong stance and wrong grip, if you use the same stroke every time, you will be better off than changing that stroke. I’ve seen golfers using different grips, strokes and stances during the same round. They are not good putters.

Mastering a consistent stroke will allow you to take advantage of putting tips and advice, one step at a time.

2. Reading Greens Well

Reading putting greens is as critical as a consistent putting stroke. Even if you hit the ball in the same way every time, with a consistent stroke, you will miss too many putts if you cannot read greens well. Most amateurs will read too little break on big breaking putts and too little on putts with a little break. It’s important to know how the ball will break on the green. If you play one course frequently, you should know how the greens break from experience. This is not learning to read greens, it’s learning to read greens on one course. If you think you have become proficient at reading greens, then go to a course you have never played and read greens there. You’ll know a lot more about your green reading skills after that.

These putting tips may seem simple, but they’re the basis for all that you will do in putting. Practice these tips and rounds of under 30 putts will follow..

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