How to Produce Content on Your Blog Regularly When You Are Short on Time

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You have times where you are either short on time, or life gets in the way of your blog. But producing regular content determines the lifeline of your blog. If you allow your readers to become bored or complacent, then you will lose them with the quickness. And that’s why regular updates are essential. So here are some things that you can do to ensure you are producing content regularly:

1. Learn How to Schedule Your Posts.

Pick a day or two out of every week where you can sit down and write about 5-7 articles that you can schedule throughout the week. That way you are not spending a lot of time each day posting to your blog. This is also helpful if you know you are going to be away from your computer for a period of time.

2.Only publish one good post per day.

You are better off publishing one good post per day that has been carefully thought out and researched, than 2-3 quick posts that didn’t take much thought. Your readers want access to thorough content that they can actually use so work hard on providing just that.

3. Use more videos to illustrate your point.

Sometimes you may not have time to type what it is that you want to say, but you can always go over to YouTube and find a video that will do the job. Some good videos for this method is tutorials that will teachers how to do something, that way they will take the time to watch the video and learn something in the process. And if you can’t find a good video then you can always create your own videos in a matter of minutes.

4. Accept guest blog posts.

There are a lot of bloggers out there that accept guest bloggers to post content on their blog. That way there is new content published consistently and the main blogger doesn’t have to spend as much time publishing content. If you use this technique just make sure that the guest bloggers that you approved are qualified to publish quality content in your niche.

5. Write posts with list.

Posts that have lists in them are much easier to write and they don’t take a lot of time to complete. For example, you can create your “Top 10 List for…” And list those top 10 items. Now you do want to add a good introduction and closing, but even with those two elements this type of blog post takes less time.

If you still find it hard to keep writing content for your blog, then you can always recreate PLR content. One of the best tools that I have for this is The Ultimate PLR Article Collection. It provides you with over 30,000 amazing articles that you could use to pump out 10-20 blog posts easy.

Latoya J. Hackett is a “serial entrepreneur” that has been making a living 100% online since 2005. She owns multiple Internet based businesses that allow her to work her own schedule, enjoy spending more time with her family, and give her the flexibility to work from literally anywhere. She enjoys the freedom of working in her pajamas, being able to travel without restrictions, and being able to get out and enjoy life.

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