How to Avoid Make-Money-Onlne Scam Sites.

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Making money online has become very popular these days. Most common are the Paid to Click (PTC) sites, which offers a portion of the revenues of the ads to their members for clicking on the ads. Some offers cash for answering surveys, other forms of making money online are doing tasks or jobs that includes making blog ads.
Unfortunately with the rise of making money online opportunities opens up opportunities for the scammers also. They seek to scam those who want to earn money online. These are my own ways of how to separate the scammers from the legitimate sites.

Tell-Tale Signs That Mark Scam Sites.

  1. Membership Fee – First rule of the thumb. You are looking to earn extra cash, why then would you pay them first in order to earn? Legitimate sites lets you earn cash for free but also offers you to earn more if you choose to upgrade your account for a very minimal fee. A fee that you could easily earn in the first hand.
  2. Get Rich Quick Scheme – Another indicator of a scam site is they offer a Get-Rich-Quick scheme. This of course comes along with the member ship fee. Their offers are often very attractive. They would make offers like, you’ll earn about $1000 a month or more quickly or an opening slogan that says something like “Earn $1 M by tomorrow!”
  3. Large Revenue For Routine Tasks – PTC sites is very popular these days. Some offers as little as a fraction of a cent per click, there are some sites though that offers you to earn about $0.15-$0.30 a day.  Doesn’t sound much, but if you the math, where will they get the money to pay their members?
  4. Sudden changes of Payment Rules – Some sites will pay their members at their first few months of operation, making it appear as a legitimate site. However, as their members grow, they would suddenly change their payment scheme. It could be they will extend the waiting time, or they will increase the minimum payout.
  5. Technical Support Does Not Respond– Why stay active on a site that does not respond to their members’ inquiries or problems? This simply shows that they don’t care about their members.

Signs of Legitimate Sites

  1. Length of Operations – Legitimate sites lasts for years.  This is one of the thing that you should look for if you are looking for a legitimate site. The longer the site have stayed the more stable and reliable they are. It doesn’t mean though that all new sites are scams.
  2. Reasonable Offers – Most legitimate sites offers are quite unattractive,  some offers you to earn only a few cents a day. Personally, this is just reasonable. In order for a business to sustain itself, proper allocation of funds is a must. Although they offer you to earn more by referring more members to their site.
  3. Active Technical Support – A serious and legitimate business site value their members, thus technical support is always there to their job. My personal experience here with Bukisa when it comes to technical support is very satisfactory. I encountered a problem once and immediately reported it to them and helped me point out the cause of the problem as soon as possible.
  4. Free Membership – Legitimate sites allows you to earn without paying a single centavo. Although, as mentioned above, they give you an option to increase your chances of earning by upgrading their account.

Tips Before Joining a Site:

  1. Search the Web for Review– After joining some scam sites on my own, I made it a habit now to check Google first for reviews on a money-making site. To do this type review. For example I will type “Bukisa Review” or  “ scam legitimate”. Sure enough you’ll find negative comments if the site is a scam, or mostly positive reviews if it is legitimate.
  2. Ask for Proof – if someone from your social networking site asks you to join, ask for proof if they have received payments already. Personally I don’t trust all proof-of-payment posted on the site itself, it’s so easy to edit a picture these days.

Hopefully, these few tips will help you avoid the pitfalls of scam sites out there. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or a message.


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