The Mind Frame of The Average Teen on The First Day of School.

The first day of school is pretty exciting. I’ll admit it. Even though it was a short summer, teenagers miss their friends and are excited to meet their teachers. The back of their mind though is filled with dread as they know exactly how bored they will be in one week’s time, but there are a ton more emotions running through their mind at that time.

These are the different emotions a teen will be experiencing on the first day of school.

Excitement – As I said earlier, you get to see your friends and meet your teachers.

Disappointment – As the day progresses, they will realize how this year will be just like the previous years.

Nervous – They have to make sure they are in top form when making their first-impression on a teacher. Also, they must face the judgment of their peers.

Scared – Many teachers are extremely intimidating, and if they made some enemies with some students in the previous years they will be watching their backs.

Dread – They know the first week of school is fun, but from their experience it will quickly go downhill and they will be counting down the hour till school is out everyday.

Many more emotions may be running through the mind of a teen at that time, but these are the main ones that I have experienced. Be easy on them that day, whatever you do: DON’T GIVE THEM CHORES!!! (JK mom.)

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