Flying High: A Review of The Bird by Juicy Couture Clothing Line

If you thought Juicy Couture was expensive, you’re in for sticker shock when you see the price tags tacked onto pieces from the new Bird by Juicy Couture line of clothing. From a $158 dollar tank top to a $598 military jacket, Bird is surely out of the price range of the average American citizen.

However, the line does have its merits. First of all, it’s fantastic and cohesive. Juicy Couture’s traditional product offerings are all over the place. From velour tracksuits and carryall totes to evening dresses and leather handbags, Juicy Couture caters to a wide audience, however, focuses on the younger generation. Bird by Juicy Couture is sure to attract a more mature audience – one who works hard to earn the money that they’re spending.

Why do I think Juicy Couture introduced their Bird line? Well, the brand was suffering. Sales were down and department stores dropped some of the product lines. Plus, while Juicy is high-end, it’s not up there with the super high-end brands. Entering an even higher price range, with a new brand offering, allows Juicy Couture to compete with the even bigger brands. Bird isn’t competing with brands like Aqua, Baby Phat and Splendid – it’s entering Burberry territory.

It seems that Bird by Juicy Couture aims to be exclusive. The clothes look relatively traditional, but each clothing item has a specific twist that causes fashion lovers to shell out the cash for Bird’s clothing. For example, basic lace up pants are paired with fallen suspenders to give them a sophisticated, almost gothic look. A terry sweater is simple until you see the amazing ruffles, reminiscent of something a ballerina would wear, in the back. This line takes simple, plain clothing, and gives it that something special to make it stand out from the everday world of clothing.

It’s notable that Bird by Juicy Couture clothing items have relatively simple names, unlike some of the ‘floofy’ names given to traditional Juicy Items. The amazing ballerina shirt? It’s just called ‘long sleeve shirt.’ There’s also ‘zip back sweater’ and ‘cable shrug.’ It seems intentional that the product names don’t do justice to the products – the products speak for themselves. It’s also notable that Bird features clothing – and only clothing. Noticeably absent are the metallic trinkets and handbags. This line, at least for now, is all about apparel. sums up the Bird by Juicy Couture line well: “Bird features a twist on casual luxury and is created for the cutting edge woman, incorporating more sophisticated and fitted pieces compared to that of their original designs.” I agree – the sophisticated collection is a step above the traditional Juicy clothing. I think Bird will allow the original Juicy line to maintain what it does best – sell fun, youthful clothing. Bird shows a more mature side of the creators’ vision. Pam Skeist-Levy and Gela Nash Taylor have definitely stepped it up into a new market.

Speaking of Gela and Pamela, they’ve been quoted as saying this line is more for them and less for the mainstream. That makes sense. They’re more mature than a lot of the current Juicy items (hello, velour handbags!), and take inspiration from vintage silhouettes, rather than the way the word ‘Juicy’ sits on someone’s butt. This blog notes that Juicy is past its prime – and I hate to say that I may agree – but thinks the Bird line may bring it back to its place in the fashion elite.

Of course, as with anything, not all reviews of the Bird by Juicy Couture line are positive. Comments on this site, and on others, let us know that some people are just not going to shell out this much cash for clothing that they consider plain. That’s the point, though – the price makes the brand exclusive, and the exclusivity is what makes fashion lovers covet items in the Bird line. (Note: on this site’s survey, last time I checked, 39% of people are skeptical that Bird can save the falling Juicy brand because ‘Juicy is overrated’.)

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