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When I get home from school, I check Facebook. When I get a text on my phone, it’s from Facebook. When I stay online for way too long and don’t get anything done, it’s because I’m on Facebook.

It isn’t just me who notices this. Many of my friends have actually deleted or deactivated their Facebook account because they are on it too long.

Keep in mind, I like Facebook and I know they haven’t done anything wrong on purpose; it is up to you to know when you’ve been online too long.

Here are the main things Facebook may be doing to you:

1. Facebook causes obesity. Well okay, maybe Facebook deserves some lee-way. Obesity is cause by being not enough exercise and a bad diet. You know what I mean though…Facebook causes people to stay online way too long and not get exercise.

2. Facebook causes procrastination. Well okay, YOU cause procrastination. Facebook is something to do while procrastinating which is the whole point. Your productivity will definitely decrease if you are on Facebook too long.

3. Facebook may cause death. Well okay, that was just a lie.

4. Facebook teaches kids to lie and talk to strangers. In order to sign up for Facebook, you must claim to be 13. Many kids under 13 say that they are 13 or older in order to sign up and play the games. Also, I know some people with friends from other countries who they have never met. This is not a good lesson to teach to children.

Despite all I have said in this article, Facebook is not actually a bad thing as long as it is taken with moderation. My family and friends now have an easy way to contact me, and I love to raise my crops on my farm. Before you get on Facebook, set a time for yourself to get off so you will do the essentials in your life.


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