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Britney Spears

Most people have heard of Britney Spears and her recent public breakdown which seems to go on and on with her in the news most weeks. Personally I think everyone should leave her alone she is obviously is having a hard time (which most people go through at some point in their lives) and she should be taken out of the public eye until she is well again. Anyway I’m here to review her Greatest Hits Album. I will review each track individually, giving the track time and my mark out of 5.

* My Prerogative: (3.33) 3/5
This song is about Britney and how people can’t tell her what to do. She says everyone’s talking about her and why wont they just let her live. I think that she’s saying that she wants to be left alone and live her life as she chooses, that’s her prerogative. The song has a good beat and has a dramatic effect with synthesisers playing throughout. She’s talking through most the song, I wouldn’t really call it singing. It’s catchy and really gets your attention.

* Toxic: (3.19) 3/5
The song is about being addicted to a man which is toxic and dangerous. There is a catchy beat which you find yourself dancing to straight away. There is violins playing giving it a dramatic feel with the guitar playing. The synthesisers are playing the beat giving that computerised vibe to it. The words to this song are very repetitive so it’s easy to sing along and learn the words.

* I’m A Slave 4 U: (3.25) 3/5
This song is about a girl who’s young and seems shy and wants to dance for this guy (surely she can’t mean herself!) She feels like she’s a slave to him and wants to dance with him tonight. Confidence is gained when she’s dancing with him. It has a funky beat with computerised sounds which make you want to dance. There is whispering throughout the snig which makes is very suggestive.

* Opps! I did it Again: (3.33) 5/5
This is very much a pop song which is slower than the others so you wouldn’t really dance to this one in a disco. Its more hold your brush to sing and dance along to song. There are backup singers in the chorus making it stand out. It’s a catchy song about someone falling in love with Britney however she’s only playing with them and doesn’t love them, she only got lost in the game. In the middle it goes all dreamy and she’s talking to this man who has went and got something for her (the necklace from the Titanic). I think it’s the type of song which is aimed at young teenagers.

* Me Against the Music – feat Madonna: (3.45) 4/5
It’s got a light hearted beat, with the drums playing. They are both singing very fast, making the pace of the song fast with a lot happening in it. Madonna only really sings in the middle and the background, Britney sings most of the song.

* Stronger: (3.26) 3/5
Britney has had enough and is splitting up from someone. Her loneliness isn’t killing her anymore as she’s stronger now. She doesn’t need anybody and is better off alone. There’s a computerised sound to this track which is very aggressive. You find yourself singing along to the chorus.

* Everytime: (3.51) 2/5
This is a slow song with the piano playing making it feel dreamy and Britney is singing softly. It shows off a vulnerable side to her. The song is very simple and you can relax to it very easily. The song is about Britney needing someone but they are not there as they have moved on from her, she just wants to forget them.

* Baby One More Time: (3.32) 4/5
This is the song that shot her to fame and launched her career as a pop star. It’s very much a pop song, with a catchy chorus “Hit Me Baby One More Time”. It’s got a laid back funky beat which gets you moving to the beat. You are sure to be singing along once this upbeat song starts playing. It’s about her being lonely and she still wants to be with her ex. She believes that they will get back together.

* (You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop! Remix): (3.18) 5/5
I love this song it’s so uplifting and makes me want to get up and dance every time I hear it. The song is about someone driving her crazy (in a good way!) as she’s so infatuated with the.

* Boys: (3.47) 4/5
Austin Powers just jumps to mind when I hear this song as it was featured in the film. It’s another song which is easy to dance to. It sounds like a lot of the other tracks on this album but it has a catchy beat and chorus (like most of Britney’s songs). The song is about Boys, on in particular and how great he is.

* Sometimes: (4.05) 4/5
Another slow soppy song about love with the chorus having to be sung along to as it’s the only words I know lol! The song is about a girl falling in love but she’s scared.

* Overprotected: (3.20) 3/5
A fast paced song about her being too overprotected and she wants to make her own decisions. Younger people who are growing up could relate to this song.

* Lucky: (3.26) 3/5
A story about a girl called Lucky who is famous and apparently “has is all” but she doesn’t as she’s very lonely and cries at night. It’s a slower song than most of the other tracks. It’s another one of them songs telling you fame is, not all its cracked up to be.

* Outrageous: (3.27) 2/5
Sounds like the other songs only I don’t really like it. It actually gets more annoying the more you listen to it. It’s about Britney and how outrageous she is (which they repeat unnecessarily too many times). She says she just wants to be happy. They didn’t think much about the words as they are just repeated over and over again.

* Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know: (3.51) 3/5
A ballad about Britney needing to know if they guy she is with loves he, she doesn’t want to be the last to know as he has told everyone else.

* Born To Make You Happy: (4.04) 4/5
A more upbeat song than the last saying that she was born to make this man happy however they have split up. It’s the traditional I don’t know how to live without you, I’ll do anything to be your girl song. It makes you want to tap your foot to the bear and backup singers make the chorus more dramatic.

* I Love Rock ‘N’ Roll: (3.08) 3/5
Funnily enough this track has got a rock and roll vibe to it with Britney’s twist to it, which I think she pulls off. It’s about loving rock and roll and falling in love with this man.

* Not A Girl, Not Yet A Women: (3.51) 3/5
A laid back song which you chill out to. It’s about being caught in the middle from being a girl and a woman. This would relate to teenagers who are growing up.

* I’ve Just Begun (Having Fun): (3.22) 2/5
A very computerised song, it’s kind of hard to hear what Britney is saying she isn’t very clear. It’s about her not being ready to settle down and she’s ready to have fun. There is too much going on in the song in my opinion. It’s like Britney is starting to rebel against people and just wants to party.

* Do Somethin’: (3.22) 4/5
Another computerised song but this time it all fits together well. It is quite aggressive and more rock and roll than pop because of the music being played in the background. It’s about Britney being out and some man is staring and looking at her like she’s some kind of freak and got what he needs. She’s telling him to do something and stop sitting there staring at her.

I think this album is good value for money at 6.98 pounds for 20 tracks. I give this album 3/5 as you will know most of the songs and they are great to listen to. For me it takes me to when I was a teenager as most of the songs where released then. I like Britney’s music however some of the songs are very cheesy and you couldnt listen to them all the time.

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