How do You Get Paid For Being Social?

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Sidetick is one of a growing number of sites that realize that in today’s market, they actually have to pay people to be social on their site. 

Sidetick is a social networking site, kind of like Facebook, but they pay you to do everything. You get paid to join Sidetick, when you invite a friend, and then twenty five cents for six levels of referral under that. Seven levels total.

The reason why they pay you so well, is that they want to be the next Facebook. They want to get a piece of the billions of dollars that are made by social networking sites like Facebook in advertising revenue every year.

Traditionally, websites have been quite selfish with their users, even making them pay a monthly fee, to use their services. 

These days, you cannot survive in the online world unless you are a free site, or pay your users to join, be social, and participate. 

Dating sites, porn sites, social networking sites, all different sorts of websites are changing their business plan. The money generated by advertising on a popular social networking site is a lot more than the money they lose from paying you to be there. 

I make groups on Sidetick, advertising my Bukisa referral link. I write articles on Bukisa, advertising my Sidetick referral link. 

I haven’t yet worked out exactly which site has the most potential for earning money yet, but I do know that I have about forty referrals on Bukisa, and I haven’t got one yet for Sidetick. 

Bukisa has a three level referral program. 25%, 5%, and 1% commission of your referral’s article earnings. The pay per click rate is $3.22 US per thousand clicks.

Sidetick offers you a “tickbuck” to view, be viewed, make friends, etc. A tickbuck is worth a twentieth of a cent. That means that Sidetick has a pay per click rate of $0.50 per thousand clicks, while Bukisa pays $3.22.

I believe that Bukisa is a lot better opportunity than Sidetick, because one of my referrals writing one article on Bukisa makes me a lot more than a dollar over time. 

Nevertheless, the two sites work quite well together, social networking, and article writing, as a place to find referrals for each other.

The difference with Bukisa, is you can quite easily get your articles on the first page of a Google search, which is something that Sidetick just can’t do. Not yet anyway. 

I suggest you join both. If you haven’t joined Bukisa, the referral link is below, as well as the Sidetick referral link. 




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