The Little League World Series 2010

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The Major League World Series is the biggest thing in baseball. All of the MLB teams come from around the country to compete for the title. Now, imagine if there were thousands of MLB teams who had to fight their way to the top in order to make the World Series play-offs. That is what the little league world series is if you exchange “MLB teams” with “Little League teams.”

The little league world series is fun for all ages. First of all, it is a great learning experience for the participants and children watching the games. They all learn more about American’s pastimes and being active. Grownups get a chance to learn from their children and get in-tune with the happenings of the people their kid’s age. Also, there is a huge sense of friendly competition to add to the fun.

To make the little league world series is every young baseball player’s dream. It gives them something to work towards in the short-run, as opposed to preparing for the MLB many years later.

Another factor is the good family entertainment for everyone. Since the main characters are children, they will enjoy the actions of the people their age, and the adults will enjoy the fierce competition of the little league world series. Having only the adults involved in America’s pastime would be a huge tragedy because baseball plays a big part in the history of this nation.


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