The Beautiful Beaches of The Colombian Caribbean

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The archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina is a Colombian Department located in the Caribbean Sea. Its crystal blue waters and white sands make the heavenly beaches of these islands are considered one of the most beautiful of all South America. 

This is the only department of Colombia, which is composed only of islands, and is the largest tourist destination. However, not only tourists enjoy these beautiful landscapes. The small islands, totaling only 44 km2 are home to over 70,000. This makes St. Andrew the department with the highest population density of all of Colombia and one of the densest regions of the world, with about 1600 people per kilómetro 2. These factors put the archipelago population in a delicate situation of resources.

The main islands of San Andres and Providencia, have different reliefs despite being so close geographically. San Andres is crossed by a longitudinal ridge from north to south and is wooded with coconut palms.However, Providence is formed by hills up to 350 meters above sea level.

Regarding tourism, it should be mentioned that besides the beautiful beaches, this small department is characterized by offering tourists the possibility to practice water sports such as surfing, swimming and diving.On the other hand, it has a collective boat service to take the tourists to the most interesting sites. Some of the main attractions are: The head of Morgan, Blow Hole or Loma Baptist Church.


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