How to Make Chinese Green Onion Pancakes

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This is a simple Chinese appetizer or side dish that can be eaten by itself or topped with other things. The pancake itself is light and perfectly compliments many things.

The ingredients are:

Green onions, chopped (however much you want, I use about a whole bundle from the local grocery store)

5 cups sifted flour

Water to make dough

Salt for flavoring (I use about a tablespoon, but you can vary the amount)

Oil in a bowl (Sesame if you can get it, but any will do. Just not butter.)

First, combine the flour, chopped green onions, and salt and begin to form dough. Once it begins to take shape, start kneading and make sure that everything has combined into one large piece.

On a flat surface, flatten the dough. Then take a brush and put on some oil on the top. Roll it up one way, then roll it up again. Flatten it once more, and repeat the step as many times as you see fit. Doing this will cause the pancake to develop layers while it cooks. The more times you do it, the better it will come out. It can conflict with health notions, however, so know your limits and don’t overdo it for yourself.

Once you’ve finished folding it, take a small piece and flatten it out into four-inch circles. Try to make it about a half-centimeter tall. Transfer the piece to a non-oiled non-stick pan on medium heat. Let it cook on one side for about one to two minutes, then flip and cook for another one to two minutes. You’ll know it’s done when it starts to puff up and there are golden brown spots. Remove it from heat, then repeat with the other pieces or refrigerate the dough for another day.

For serving, you can either have them whole or cut them into fourths, depending on the occasion. For a recent potluck, I cut them into fourths and brought some sweet chili sauch to dip it in, a personal favorite of mine. Find out which combination works for you!


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