How to Create Fan Pages on Facebook For My Band, Company, or Public Entity

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How to create fan pages for my band, company, or a public entity.

The social networking site Facebook has multiple ways for people to spread the word about pretty much anything that is of importance for them. For publicity, marketing, and general awareness Facebook is a great resource for bands, artists, companies, product promotions, celebrities, and other public entities. 

Facebook Pages allow those authorized to do so the ability to connect with fans of their music, art, products, or business. Through this “intimate” connection with consumers and fans brand awareness can be created, loyalty can be built, and essentially free advertising to people who already like what you do can be obtained on Facebook.

Log into Facebook and click on the “Ads and Pages” link under “Applications” on the left side of your main page when you first log into Facebook. If you don’t see this link, click “See More” below the last application link.

Select the type of category you are creating the page under such as a band/artist/public figure, brand name, or local organization.

Select a name for the page. This might be the name of your company or the name of your band for example. Check off the box next to the statement that indicates you are either the actual public figure that the page is for or you are an official representative authorized to create a Facebook page on behalf of the brand, organization, or person.

Click on “Create Official Page.” You’ll be taken to a view of your new Facebook Page with a step by step guide to setting up, launching, and promoting the page. You’ll be prompted to upload a main image, provide basic information about the page and reason behind it, as well as be offered instant access to promoting the page on your websites or Twitter account. 

Use the “Suggest to Friends” link to begin inviting users you already know to join the page. Users who “Like” the page will be able to let others know about the page and thus grow awareness about the page and the entity it promotes or supports. 

Page 2 of 2 Manage the page by clicking on “Ads and Pages” under applications and clicking on “Edit Page” under the page you want to change. Here you have access to wall settings, basic settings, discussion boards settings, and link settings. You can also add Events related to your page, notes, photos, videos, and add applications to your page to aid promotion. 

Note that spamming other websites, groups, and pages to promote your page might lead to the page being blocked or removed. The beauty of Facebook and its ability to create brand awareness and marketing chances to people already interested is that users find your page through their friends who comment on the page, like the page, or follow your updates.


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