How to Unblock a Profile on Facebook

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How to unblock a person on your Facebook account.

Facebook allows users to block individuals from interacting with them on Facebook. The concept behind the block feature is to protect users from spamming, harassment, or stalking on Facebook. Of course you can also use the Block feature to block someone you no longer want to communicate with for whatever reason. The blocking feature lets you block a person on Facebook regardless of whether they are already a friend of yours on Facebook.

But maybe you only blocked someone temporarily. Or perhaps you accidently blocked a friend or your account was hacked and someone went around blocking all of your friends. Fortunately Facebook makes it simple to unblock the person’s account and go back on your friend’s list without complication. 

Log into your Facebook account and click on the “Accounts” link at the top of the page. Click on “Privacy Settings” and go to “Edit Your Lists” under the “Block Lists” heading near the bottom of the page.

Locate the person whose profile you want to unblock under the list of currently blocked profiles. Click on “Unblock” next to their name. A pop up window appears. Click on “Confirm” to remove the person from the blocked list.

You can also use “Edit Your Lists” to block and unblock group invites and certain applications in addition to individual profiles. 

Be aware that even if you block or unblock an individual on Facebook; if the two of you use the same application or game through a third party service on Facebook the blocked status of that person on Facebook does not carry over to that particular application or game. This means that if you blocked someone on an application or game you two use and later unblock them on Facebook; you’ll need to change the privacy settings for the application itself to unblock them in your interactions on the application or game separate from Facebook. This will vary from application to application.

Page 2 of 2 Note that the “unblocking” occurs instantly and the person, if they were previously on your friends list, will regain access to communicate with you and access to your Facebook profile. The blocking or unblocking of a person on Facebook is not made public and does not appear in the Facebook news feed or any wall posts or updates. This is similar to what occurs when a friend request is ignored or denied by a user.


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