How to Replace Thinkpad T-43 Hard Drive

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The Thinkpad Enhanced T-43 laptop made by Lenovo (which owns the personal computer branch of IBM) features a pull out hard drive. This eliminates the need to take apart the computer casing to access the hard drive and reduces the time it takes to replace the drive. A replacement drive is generally used when the current hard drive fails or when you need a larger capacity hard drive.

Shut off the computer. Unplug the power cable and any peripheral connections. Close the lid and place the computer facedown on a firm surface. Position the computer so that the hinge side of the computer is furthest from you with the bottom of the computer upwards. The hard drive is on the left side when in this position. Remove the battery before proceeding.

Remove the one screw holding the hard drive compartment cover in place on the left corner edge closest to you. Pick up the laptop and open the computer screen. Place the computer screen on its side with the edge that has the hard drive compartment at the top nearest you. Pull the hard drive compartment cover up and away from the computer. The hard drive is connected to the cover and slides out as well. Pull the case cover off of the edge of the hard drive.

Attach the plastic case cover onto the new hard drive. The side of the drive with the connector should go into the compartment first. The screw hole of the plastic case cover should be facing the underside of the laptop. Close the lid and place the laptop on the firm surface again so that the bottom of the computer is facing upwards. Replace the one screw to secure the hard drive in place. Replace the battery to complete the process.

Touch your hand to a non-electrified metal surface to disperse static from your hand before touching the hard drive to prevent damage to the drive.


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