God And Marriage

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Despite the number of couples getting divorced, marriage remains of vital importance. Not only to us as individuals, but as the foundation of any society. Marriage is the ideal God-given basis for family life, particularly because children best learn what committed, loving relationships are all about through their experience of the commitment between their mother and father. Nothinh is more important in a child’s education. Children, always learn far more from what they see than from what they are told. 

But marriage is not just for the benefit of children. There is a desire deep within us all for someone with whom we can be totally open and honest emotionally, spiritually and physically. Such intimacy is only possible where there is commitment. Individuals will only dare to expose their innermost selves if they know for sure that they are not going to be let down.

Marriage is designed by God to be a relationship in which a man and a woman give themselves to each other in radical and total abandonment. In the wedding service, the minister may bless the couple, pray for them, declare that in the eyes of God and the audience they are married. But it is in the promises that the man and woman make to each other, which establish the marriage. Every phrase of the vows underlines this lifelong commitment.

The marriage relationship is designed by God to be an adventure of love that lasts a lifetime. The Bible contains much practical advice about how to make such an initmate relationship work. The Bible says that anyone who hears and puts the words into practice, is like a wise man who digs down deep and builds his house on a secure foundation. When the storms come and the wind beats against it, as they will in any marriage, the house stands firm.


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