Tall Women And Fashion

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As a tall woman, you have your share of problems finding clothes that fit well. These days it’s getting easier, but it can still be a challenge. What is even more stressful is the fact that most people assume that anything 5’7” and over is grand. Grand simply means with a strong or large bone structure. This can be very irritating because being tall does not automatically mean big boned.

Scale is one of the factors that are used to determine the right types of clothing for your body shape. Scale has to do with the combination of height and bone structure. This is also one of the keys to finding your signature style. Understanding this, you can see why not only tall women will have a problem but women off other heights as well.

For example, a woman could be petite and have a strong bone structure, or large bones. A tall woman might be 6’0” but have small bones. A sweater made of heavy fabric can overwhelm the taller woman but might be perfect (in the right size of course) for the petite woman. Another thing they say that a tall woman should wear is larger, bolder prints. What if that is not your personality? On the other hand there are shorter confident woman who can carry bold prints. Personality has a lot to do with how you develop your style just as much as your features. You have to know what works for you.

Now it is true that as a tall woman, you have to wear clothing that is the right size and that covers you properly. This does not mean that all tall women should be treated the same. There are a range of heights, sizes and personalities that have to be taken into consideration. Get to know yourself and you will know what is right for you.


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