Hollow Body Guitar

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There are a number of options when you begin looking for a guitar. The hollow body guitar is one that i will be checking out in the following paragraphs. It’s a semi-acoustic design that combines older style sound with electric styles.


Who likes these? Well, anyone who enjoys the acoustic sound of a regular guitar but needs the extra oomph that being electric will give. These have a few pickups on them so they may be used in larger forums.

Originally, guitars had a hollow body with a large hole at the center. This served a specific purpose, to reflect the sound back and help amplify it. It did the job quite nicely, too, and still does. Many people continue to play these original styles since they will be classic.

The new versions on the market combine electric pickups with the hollowed body, so there’s no need for that big hole. Instead, these instruments offer small, decorative f-holes that are much like a specific item in a violin. These instruments are easily plugged into an amp for louder music, perfect for noisy situations.

Many bigger instrument makers have produced these guitar options. They are quite popular and sales continue to rise, so it’s not surprising that companies Rickenbacker, Gretsch and even Gibson are turning these hollow guitars out. The uncommon look to the instruments means they are particularly cherished as pieces of art and not simply a musical instrument. They truly are well made and quite lovely to look at.

A hollow body guitar is also called a semi-acoustic. That’s because it’s just as the name states, half acoustic. The other half is electric, making for a great combination that works for most musicians who should not choose a pure electric guitar. If you would like something that is different, yet still gives great sound, you will certainly want to check into these unique models.


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