A Million Mp3S…so Little Time…

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This method is the probably the first and maybe the oldest way to download mp3s on the net. But this is still my preferred way to download music. A college friend of mine taught me this more than 5 years ago. And frankly was totally knock off. A lot of site offer mp3 download but at what cost? Download incomplete mp3s, wrong titles and even worst, you might get viruses, adware or trojans. This is also the case for peer to peer programs.

I’m not saying that this is the best way download mp3. And no one is forcing anyone to try this out also. But if you want an alternative or an additional way to download mp3, then read on.

Lets start by gathering the programs we will be using.

First you need mIrc v6.21. You can download it here: MIRC v6.21

Yes, its not the latest version but I will show you later why this version is recommended.

After you installed mirc on your computer, you need to change some setting for you to accept downloads. First thing you what to do is enter your details. Provide an alternative nick just in case somebody else already have your first nick.

Find the Server option under the Connect tab. Search for the Undernet server and highlight any one of the server under it.

Then go to Sounds > Request tab. Uncheck the box “Send !nick.” This will allow you to received files from the servers.

After this you will be connected to Undernet. You will then see a window where you enter the channel you wish to join. Here are some of the channels serving mp3:

  • mp3download

  • mp3passion

  • mp3albums

  • mp3oldies

  • mp3server (you need to be serving/sharing mp3 before you can enter this channel)

  • You can search for other channels using Google.

Now you’re in the room where you can search and download mp3s.

How can I download or search for mp3? You can do it manually or you can automate the whole process by installing this: Autoget v7 (Click here to download)

Autoget is an addon script for mIRC designed to make the entire process of downloading and organizing music from IRC much easier. The big idea here is that you can use Autoget to keep all your downloaded file lists in a database, search that database, take files from that database and put it in your download list for Autoget to download and much much more.

Instead of separately searching for a file in multiple channels, you just type in what you are looking for once and Autoget will take it from there. Placing all your search results in a clean dialog interface. Now instead of cutting and pasting individual search results from message windows and pasting them back into the channel, you just double-click the file you want in Autoget.

After you installed this program, run mirc. Depending on where you put Autoget the command to load it can be different. The key things to remember are to include the path if you put it in a new folder and to enclose the path in quotations if the path has spaces in it. Below are some examples.

  • /load -rs Autoget.mrc (plain load from mirc directory)

  • /load -rs Autoget\Autoget.mrc (load from directory mirc\autoget\)

  • /load -rs “Autoget 7\Autoget.mrc| (load from directory mirc\autoget 7\)

This will bring up the dialog box. This is a standard dialog you’ll get everytime you load a script which has any commands that execute as the script loads. PRESS YES. Autoget will load, check that all files are present, check that you have the appropriate version of mIRC and set the default values of options available in Autoget.

Now you can search for your favorite mp3s. From the latest release to the blast from the past hits. Its all there!


You may think that its all complicated but in reallity, its quite easy. You just have to set this up once.

Now remember why we need a previous version of mirc? Because in time when your library has grown, you too can be a server under those channels. You will then get to share your collection to others.

But thats another article. For now enjoy downloading.



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