Houses For Sale Parklands: Talking To Trevor


We recently spoke with Trevor Chute (the well renowned property genius and brain behind the famous Talk To Trevor brand) at our studios to offer you a revealing profile into the psyche of one of the most successful Estate Agents in Real Estate history.

Trevor Chute is the team leader of Team Trevor, based at Blouberg, Table View, RE/MAX Property Associates.

He has a degree in Clinical Psychology, but prior to becoming an Estate Agent, he was the Creative Director of an Advertising Agency for an American multi-national company.

What sets Team Trevor apart from other Estate Agents is the fact that his agency is not just a property business, but a people business: …we are actually selling houses to people, and not just selling houses…

Team Trevor specializes in the Parklands, Sunningdale, Table View, Flamingo Vlei, Blouberg, West Beach, Big Bay, Atlantic Beach and surrounding areas.

The unique factors of selling real estate in these fast-growing areas are to have a thorough knowledge of return on investment and to be able to interpret ground destinations.

The marketing methods he uses set him apart from other Agents, achieving great results from his sellers. Team Trevor utilizes a concept in advertising called Media Bursts that harnesses different concepts of marketing together to create a huge impact.

Trevor refers to it as – Making Noise – and attracting the most attention and as many buyers as possible to a property. It is a combination of IT, visual and graphics all put together in a package to appear simultaneously.

In part 2, we will reveal property predictions by Trevor, as well as why everybody is talking to Trevor, so stay tuned.

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