Natural Remedies For Arthritis

Arthritis and related joint pain are one of the most common chronic diseases worldwide. Whether osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, the pain, stiffness and related disability suffered from arthritic pain is often acute, rendering the patient quite dysfunctional at times. Although movement helps, movement can be so painful for the arthritic that they will avoid it.

There are some natural remedies for arthritis that can help ease the joint pain and stiffness related to arthritis, and can help get you moving again. We hope this article can help those suffering with arthritic pain find some relief.

Epsom Salts, which consist of magnesium sulfate, are highly useful not only for arthritic joint conditions, but for muscle tightness and pain. Magnesium can be absorbed through skin, and has anti-arthritic as well as anti-inflammatory benefits. A hot bath with two cups full of Epsom salts can ease joint pain, and when soaking in such a bath for twenty minutes to half an hour, adding more hot water when the bath  cools, you will feel definite arthritis pain relief. You will get out of the bath with less stiffness and may want to use this time after the bath to stretch and loosen up a little. Make sure the bath remains hot, because this will reduce swelling and help your circulation.

There are several herbs which can assist in easing arthritis pain and the stiffness of arthritis.

Ginger root has been proven to inhibit hormones that cause arthritis pain and arthritic inflammation. You can treat arthritic pain, arthritic iinflammation and all kinds of musculoskeletal pain with ginger.

Other plants and herbs which treat arthritis pain and relieve arthritis pain and arthritic inflammation are ashvaganda, boswellia, cloves, and garlic. There are various combinations of oils that can be blended into massage oils and trained massage therapists will warm the oils and provide relief for arthritis pain through massaging affected arthritic joints and sore muscles. 

There are also drinks that can be effective in addressing arthritic pain and stiffness. Combinations of lemon, olive oil, honey, orange juice and carrot juice have all shown effectiveness in providing arthritis pain relief as well as increased joint mobility.

Arthritis patients should consult a trained herbalist, practitioner of alternative medicine, or natural food store experts for advice on natural relief for their arthritic pain.  

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