How To Get Free Farmville Cash And Cash Cheats?

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If you are checking your Farmville feeds once in five seconds to adopt some animals or get some shovels, if you are adding Facebook friends crazily to get more Farmville neighbors and if you are worried too much about the strawberry crops that are ready for harvest and may wither in an hour, then I know that you are also looking for some free Farmville cash, the rarest thing in Farmville! The Farmville addiction is driving you crazy and you need an immediate answer for the question “How do I get free Farmville cash?”…

Of course you can get Farmville cash by buying it but that is not really worth it. But you are looking for ways to get Farmville cash without paying and without buying it.

Are there any cheats to get free Farmville cash? You get hundreds of web pages titled ‘Farmville cash cheats’ offering some software application to download that claims to instantly increase your Farmville cash. But none of them work, because there aren’t any real working cheat codes for Farmville. Anyway, though you don’t exactly get cheat codes, there are definitely some tricks that will help you increase your Farmville cash and get more free Farmville cash.

(I know that you are so addicted to Farmville and will immediately go ahead and buy something after trying the first or second steps.. But before you do that, remember to read the last part of this article where I explain how to spend Farmville cash wisely.)

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Get free Farmville cash by installing Zynga toolbar

 You know that Farmville is a Zynga game and there are many other games developed by them. There is a toolbar called gamebar, provided by Zynga which will give you some free Farmville cash.

 Earlier they were giving 25 units of Farmville cash but now they are giving only 10 for the installation. (I tried to cheat by installing the toolbar in more than one browser and different computers. But this doesn’t work because they know that they have already credited your Farmville account with the Farmville cash)

Use this link to install Farmville gamebar:

Make sure you have the ‘var=Cash’ part in the url to get cash.

Convert your Facebook credits into Farmville cash

Now you may start asking ‘How to get free Facebook credits’ but that is a subject for another big article. There are lots of ways to get free Faceook credits. Farmville gives an option to use your Facebook credit balance to purchase Farmville cash and if you ever decide to actually buy Farmville cash, then this is the best way.

Earlier, Farmville was giving an option to get Farmville cash by completing offers and I guess that option is not provided in Farmville anymore. But you actually have an option to increase you Facebook credit balance by completing offers.

Also, there are a lot of games and applications which offer you Facebook credits for using them. You may have read that few applications are giving Facebook credits but after starting to use them you may not get any. That is because usually applications and games give out credits only for a short duration, to attract new users. At the time of this writing, Hello City is giving 5 Facebook credits for free.

 10 Facebook credits are equal to $1 USD. So if you manage to get hundred FB credits you can buy Farmville cash worth $10!

(I read somewhere that and are giving free Farmville cash for signing up but those offers have expired.. Keep checking the blogs that talk about the best ways to get Farmville cash)

Get more experience and increase your level quickly to earn more Farmville cash

You know already that each time you go up one level; you get Farmville cash for free. But the important thing to do here is to get more experience with all the possible ways and keep accumulating the Farmville cash without spending it.. Yes! Don’t spend your Farmville cash right away..You will be often tempted to do it but don’t! Control yourself.. I will talk more about this when I come to the section ‘How to spend your Farmville cash wisely’.

 How to get more experience in Farmville? Get more neighbors and visit them as often as you can to fertilize their crops.. That is the best way to get more experience. For each crop you fertilize, you get 1 XP free. This way you get others to fertilize your crops as well, and harvesting a fertilized plot will give you 1 XP.

Also, work to get as much ribbons as you can since each ribbon gives you more experience. Plant the crops which grow more quickly and at the same time give more experience.

Earn Farmville cash by sharing your Farmville experience, tips and tricks

 This is exactly what I am doing right now. How did you manage to build your first bee hive? What storage cellars are for and how many shovels have you got so far? How did you manage to get more neighbors too quickly? If you love to share your experience and tips by writing articles like this then you can join Bukisa by signing up here using my referral link:

 Joining Bukisa is free and you get paid for writing articles. Articles about social networking sites like Facebook and games like Farmville give more hits. You can promote your articles in Facebook itself. As a Farmville user that will be the best way to promote since you might be already having a lot of friends who added you only to become your Farmville neighbor.

 The minimum payout in Bukisa is $10 which will be paid to your Paypal account. You can then buy Farmville cash using your Paypal balance. In a way you are getting free Farmville cash because you are not spending anything..

 You don’t have to write a long article like this. An article with a minimum of 250 words is enough. I will be more interested to promote your articles and happy to assist you with tips if you join as my referral. Read this article for more info: Making Money Online – Why is it Difficult And How to Make it Easy?

Get Farmville cash from Farmville mystery gifts

You can get Farmville cash from mystery gifts though it happens very rarely. Ask your Farmville friends to send you more mystery gifts and you may find Farmville cash in any one of them. I got one from a mystery gift and it was totally unexpected.

Get Farmville cash by finishing hits in Amazon’s Mturk

 Again this is an indirect way.. In Amazon’s Mturk, there are a lot of data entry jobs available for which you get paid. Your earnings will be in Amazon’s payment account balance.

You might have noticed that there is an option to pay through Amazon for buying Farmville cash. By choosing that option, you can use your Amazon payment account balance to get Farmville cash.

Get Farmville cash by submitting a picture of your farm

Farmville is conducting a weekly contest and it selects the Farmville farm of the week. The winner will get 100 Farmcash for free if the picture gets featured.

Check out this forum thread:

Just imagine.. 100 Farmville cash! That will be awesome! So, if you have a beautiful farm, take a picture of it, enter the contest and win 100 Farm cash for free!

Keep checking the Farmville page on Facebook for updates regarding free Farmville cash

Here is a link to the Farmville page on Facebook:

Check this page everyday for new posts and announcements regarding free Farmville cash. Right now, it is actually running a contest that ends on Aug 31,2010. You have to send a picture of you playing Farmville in your mobile..

  • 1st Place gets 500 FarmCash!

  • 2nd Place gets 400 FarmCash

  • 3rd Place gets 300 FarmCash

That is amazing. Check this link for details:

This is just an example to show you how you can get updates on contests to win Farmville cash. If you are reading this article after Aug 31,2010, no need to worry. Continue to check the Farmville page and the Zynga forums everyday.

Look for products that provide free Farmville cash.

 Since Farmville is very popular, a lot of people give Farmville game cards with their products for free. Those cards can be redeemed for Farmville cash or coins.

Note that you have to actually pay to buy the product but the Farmville cash that comes along with the product will be free.

Beware of free Farmville cash scams

Since lots of people are searching for ways to get Farmville cash without buying, there are many scams claiming to get you free farmcash. These offers simply make use of you to advertise them but you don’t get a single unit of Farmville cash. Read my two articles related to safety in using Facebook and Facebook applications: Facebook ‘like’ Button – The Dangers Of Liking and How Safe Are Facebook,twitter And Myspace? – The Dangers of Social Networking Sites

Learn to spend your Farmville cash wisely

    You know the difference between Farmville cash and coins right? You have a lot of ways to get Farmville coins but only a very few ways to get Farmville cash… So, you shouldn’t spend Farmville cash so quickly. You should accumulate to  purchase special things that you cannot get using any other way.

Let us say you are trying to build a bee hive in Farmville..

You will need 10 items of the following, making up a total of 50 items:

  • Smokers

  • Beeswax

  • Wooden Boards

  • Nails

  • Bricks

Each of the above can be bought for 1 Farmville cash per item. You will need 50 Farmcash to complete your beehive.. But is it worth spending 50 Farmcash to get a bee hive completed? No!

 You can get all these items for free as gifts from your friends… Request for these items and get them from your friends..

Let us see another example.. You have accumulated 18 FV cash but you are running out of Farmville coins.. You decide to buy a Gazebo for 18 Farmcash and sell it for 2500 coins.( A beginner will more likely do that because I did this the first day.. I had 25 FV cash by installing the gamebar and spent 18 to buy a gazebo. Then sold it for 2500 coins)

 I now realize how stupid it is, because you can get coins in a lot of ways.

Also remember that you cannot exchange your Farmville coins for Farm cash.. You can only get Farmcash by following the ways that I have explained in this article.

Feel free to add me as your friend here if you are looking for Farmville neighbor. Please comment if you have any questions or some points to share..

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