The Sage That Wins Everything

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Have you ever thought that you can win anything from any contest? Or you always think those winners are lucky?

I used to think so until I found out the true story of an amazing woman. She is named the lady who wins anything. I mean, every contest she participates, she wins it. And she is not even an entrepreneur; she is just an ordinary person like you and me.

Among her trophies are vacations to Europe, furniture, electrical appliances and a big house. She became the winner out of the 2 million people and won the house back in 1968.

For her, there is no such thing as luck. She definitely knows something that you and I do not. According to her, it is all about Law of Attraction. She always said anything you want will eventually come to you, it never fails and it is only delayed.

All right, by now you must be curious about her name. She is Helene Hadsell, an eighty years old extraordinaire who lives in Texas. In 1980, she published a book about how she wins anything that she wants and according to her, anyone can do that.

She even named her method as SPEC.

S= Select it. P=Project it. E=Expect it. C=Collect it.

Believe me when I said this, I tried it and it worked. I won the book I want to read, plain and simple. As she said, when you select the prize you want, then project the image and feels it is yours. Do not worry, expects it will come to you and finally, you collect it.

That is it! Piece of cake. Like in the movie “The Secret”, everything is about energy. When you know how to SPEC about it, it will be yours.

While you suspecting it when you read this article, I would encourage you to try it.

Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you practice about this skill, the more you will be skillful. In current economy state, this amazing story of “The Sage” Helene Hadsell is uplifting.

In conclusion, I hope you try it. See what will happen. You have nothing to lose. In my personal opinion, this skill is able to build up self-confidence and making you happier.


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