Poems Times Three

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Some lived eighteen years,

Some eighty and more,

Most passed into history,

A few live on in lore,

All gave a piece of their heart,

Some a choice bit of form,

But others chose to live on,

Sacrificing their lives as norm,

No greater love a man does have,

Than to exchange his life for another,

To keep a friend – a brother safe,

So he may again gaze upon his mother,

Never forget the challenge taken,

A call to duty and soul,

When called upon to serve their nation,

These honored vets were bold.

PTR June 15 and 22, 2010


Stones stand – silent as sentinels,

Observant obelisks opposing oblivion,

Watching where the warriors are waiting,

Lying in lofty labyrinths of loam,

Monuments many – to military memory,

Protecting our patrons of pride and patriotism,

Grass – gently growing in grades of green,

The sky silently sees the saviours of state,

The boy brings a bouquet of bright beauty,

Fondly, father is found in forested fields,

Basking in beauty both breathtaking and bold,

Serene scenery set in soft surroundings,

Remembered – reposed – retired – regarded reverantly,

Gray glyphs of gentle granite greet,

Attend the anthem of all America!

Waiting with these wondrous works – we watch!

PTR June 14 and 15, 2010


Alone – and without a friend,

By himself he’s clothed by wind,

No joy today – it is so cold,

He’s only thirty but looks so old,

The rain can fall and soak him through,

Without good clothes he may turn blue,

Once full of promise and looking cool,

Who knew he’d fall so far from school,

Out on the street, so harsh to live,

Life’s on the edge and it won’t give,

Any help to those it meets,

This man, his friends, out on the streets,

Don’t be cruel, you don’t know his story,

One day you might just fall from glory,

Alone – and standing in the wind,

With someone – clothed by a friend.

PTR May 6, 2010


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