Going Green

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When we hear “going Green” what comes to mind? Traditionally “going Green” is associated with the liberal end of the political spectrum. Indeed, this may be how the movement got started. But, in reality “going green” is a lot like being patriotic. Anyone can be patriotic no matter where they fall on the political spectrum. The same holds true with “going green”. Anyone can go green and more and more people are taking the necessary measures.

What does it mean to go green? I think for most of us going green means protecting are personal environment by making it safe clean and healthy. Our personal environment is where we spend our time and where we have some control or ability to make changes. For all of us this is our homes, but it can also include where we work and where our children go to school. The place to start is in the home because this is where we can have the biggest impact.

At home we can all take measures to make the environment safe buy removing anything toxic or in anyway dangerous to the people who spend time there. These are most often the people we know and love. These will be items such as chemicals, outdated or expired consumable products, especially food items or medicines. Keep anything necessary that could be dangerous under lock and key or at least out of the reach of children, such as prescription drugs. If you have fire arms keep then locked in a cabinet, use trigger guards and keep ammunition in a separate location. There are many things that can be done in the home to make your environment safer for those you know and love. Just sit down and think about it and many things will come to mind that can be done to make your home environment safer, cleaner and healthier.

Let’s not forget the subject of indoor air pollution. There have been numerous studies that cite indoor air pollution as one of the most serious health issues we face. If you smoke you are creating a potentially unhealthy situation for others in your home. We all need to take steps to clean up our home environment. Once the home environment has been improved it becomes easier to expand efforts to the larger environment by doing little things like recycling and car pooling and not topping off the gas tank when we fill-up.

To “Go Green” start by doing little things that can become habit and in the long run have a big impact on the home environment and then eventually the larger environment. You will be making you home environment safer, cleaner and healthier for the people you know and love, especially your family.


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