Usana Vitamins, History & Information on The Company

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A Salt lake based company that specializes in marketing natural vitamins and supplements is the Usana Health Sciences Inc. It was founded in 1992. It gained a lot of media attention when its sales reached a staggering 1600 raise on its economic year. There are a lot of reviews about their products that you can find online and though there are some biased reviews, you would still be able to see unbiased ones created by those who have truly used the products.

Usana is actually founded by a certain Dr. Myron Wentz who is a microbiologist and immunologist. He also has a PhD in Cell Culture Technology. Ever since 1992, Usana has been developing medicines and vitamins supplements that will help reduce the possible effects of free radicals in the body. Free radicals as we know can cause certain diseases including Cancer.

A lot of the Usana products are manufactured in the United States of America. Usana Health Sciences Inc. was also included in the list of Forbes magazine. It was included in the 200 best small companies list from 2004-2006.

Like other companies, Usana specializes in the creation of specific products that they have placed in four categories. The categories are the following: Usana Nutritional (Essentials and Optimizers nutritional supplements), Usana Macro-Optimizer foods (drink mixes and nutritional bars), Sense Basics and Enhancers (face, hair, and skin care products) and Rev3 Energy drinks.

The vitamin supplements of Usana have been afflicted with some controversies because of the prices. According to people, usana vitamins can be 2 to 3 times higher than their competitors in the market. Also, there have been reports about some people experiencing negative side effects after taking the products. According to the reports, the side effects are caused by the concentration of the ingredients in the products.

Ultimately it’s important when trying to add the best vitamins to your diet to get all the information you can find to buy the best multivitamin. If you would really like to research about the different Usana products, you will get both positive and negative feedback from different people. It is true that some may be biased and some are just doing their jobs. Sometimes you have to be perceptive enough to figure out which ones are authentic and which ones are made just to make the products and the corporation look bad


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