Animals Found in The First World

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As collected from Yahoo News, the research shows that such creatures lived spons around 650 million years ago. Based on digital pictures of fossils, animals, animals are a measure of about one centimeter or equal to the tip of your little finger. Animals also have irregularities in shape with a network of internal canals.

Shelly fossils that are found in the glacial deposits 635 million years old in southern Australia. This is early evidence from the body of animals in the fossil rekaman today. Previously, the oldest fossil animals gave hard coral comes from two organisms that live around 550 million years ago.

Some researchers have mengidentifikasi controversial fossil animals gave this software. they are estimated from the Ediacaran period between 577 and 542 million years ago. This research didanai by the National Science Foundation (NSF) Division of Geology.

“We menebak mikroba mat has spons substrates such as corals and this may have been grown on it. Animals have been taking advantage of the height of the reef, “said Maloof. While the scientists did not conclude a firm but memperkirakan are animals. “That is our best estimate,” said Maloof, geological scientists from Princeton University.

This relatively large size of organisms to be a small possibility bakteri. This also shaped asimetris Temuan, higher than the worm and found in relatively large tunnel canal spons similar situation this time. On the other hand, algae have a much smaller fund than the fossil organisms.

Temuan the 17th edition published in the journal Nature AGUSTUS of geoscience. Also gives scientists the first direct evidence that living animals have been there before and probably last, time events ‘snow ball Earth’ which causes the planet covered in ice time period.


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