Product Review: Land of Nod Bean Bag Chair

Since my wife and I have three small children, she routinely purchases children’s items from Land of Nod.  When last year’s Christmas shopping season came, my wife and I knew that we wanted to buy personalized bean bag chairs for our children for Christmas.  We had been pleased with the quality of Land of Nod products, so we placed our order.

Not only did we have the chairs personalized with each child’s name, but we also chose their favorite colors.  When the bean bag chairs arrived, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of construction and knew that these chairs would last.  When Christmas morning arrived, each child was very excited to test their chairs.  Months later, they still use their chairs every day, whether it’s to watch television, read books, or play on. 

One of the best parts about these beanbag chairs is that they come in two pieces—insert & cover.  If your child spills something on the chair, you can unzip the cover and throw it in the washing machine.  A quick look at the Land of Nod website ( shows that separately, the cover & insert retails for approximately $140, but you can order them together for $105. 

A cautionary note:  make sure you look on the website well in advance.  This bean bag chair is not an item that ships over night, especially if you personalize it with your child’s name.  You should expect up to four weeks for personalization, plus additional time for shipping.  We ordered our bean bag chairs two months before Christmas, and they arrived in time, even though we were stationed overseas.  Expect a rush before the Christmas season, and check the website regularly as some materials can be out of stock.

If you order in advance, I assure you that you and your children will thoroughly enjoy using the Land of Nod bean bag chairs for years to come! 

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