How do You Find Referrals Online?

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I started writing articles about a year ago. The first article writing site I joined was Associated Content, and they didn’t seem to have a referral program at all.

It didn’t take me long to find Bukisa, because there were lots of articles written about Bukisa by the writers on Bukisa, eager to get referrals.

The best way I have found to get referrals online, is writing lots of articles, and including my referral link at the end of them.

I get paid $3.22 US per thousand clicks on my articles, and that in itself makes it worth writing articles, but they also have a three level referral program.

You get a 25% commission on your first level referral’s article earnings, then a 5% commission on their referral’s article earnings. On the last level, it’s a 1% commission.

Bukisa is totally free to join, and you can write articles to advertise another site’s referral link as well. For example, I am also trying to find referrals to Sidetick.

Check out Sidetick to find referrals

Sidetick is a social networking site with a seven level referral program, but it works a bit differently. You get a dollar when you join, then a dollar when you get a referral, and 25 cents for six more levels of referrals under that.

I find that if I get one referral to Bukisa, who writes just one article, I make more than a dollar in a few years, so I am much more interested in finding referrals for Bukisa.

So I write my articles, but I also find that I can copy and paste a referral invite, and post it all over the place in Sidetick. This saves me the time of writing a whole article for one permanent place to advertise my referral link.

I think that Sidetick is one of the best places to find referrals online, because most it’s users are already interested in making money online.

Don’t forget Facebook

I obviously have a Facebook business page, visible on Google, in fact I have about twenty. My most successful Facebook page is Writing for profit, which is on the first page of a Google search for writing for profit.

This wasn’t easy to achieve, because that is a tough keyword phrase to compete with, so I had to build links to it gradually over time, and get facebook likes, to push it up to the first page.

Anyway, those are my favorite sites for finding referrals on, Bukisa, Sidetick, and Facebook. Apart from Facebook, which is just a really popular site, the other two pay me to find referrals for each other.

I have already gotten over forty referrals to Bukisa. I haven’t gotten any to Sidetick, but that doesn’t bother me. A referral to Bukisa is far more valuable.




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