Safety Reminders For "back-To-Schoolers"

Now that we have all enjoyed a hundred and four days of summer vacation, trips to the beach, back yard barbeque’s and snoozing on the hammock it is time to get the kids back to School.

The hustle and bustle of the first week around the school will be the most critical.  Everyone filled with excitement wanting to see friends, meet the new teacher and trying to settle into a new grade.

Safety is the last thing on everyone’s mind right now, but it just takes a minute of reviewing these tips and reminders to insure a safe school year:

Driving to School

Parents, please make sure you drive safely, make sure everyone in the car is wearing a seat belt and be courteous to all of the other drivers.

Traffic around the school area will be very congested.  Parents and buses are dropping off children so watch your speed, watch for children crossing the street and walking out from in between parked cars.

Parents do not pass a school bus that has stopped and is displaying red flashing lights, a small stop sign or another indicator that the bus is letting off children.  It is a serious and expensive citation from the Police if you do.

Walking to and from School

Walking to school is not the same as it was forty years ago when I was a kid.  Talk with your children about “Stranger-Danger”, not to accept rides from people they do not know and not to take shortcuts through secluded areas.

Tell them it is OK the say NO to an adult if it does not feel right, and that they will never get in trouble for doing so. 

Walk in groups or with a friend and have, preplanned locations they could run to for safety if ever they are being followed or encountered any trouble.

Waiting at the Bus stop

Unbelievably, bus stops are a magnet for predators.  Teach your child to stand behind the bus stop or away from it and watch for the bus to come. 

Parents should drop the child off at the bus stop and wait at the location until the bus picks up the child.  You can coordinate with other parents to take turns waiting if you cannot always wait.

Safety in school

Children do accidentally get hurt while in school however, many accidents can be avoided taking a few extra precaution.

Remove all drawstrings from hooded shirts, backpacks and anything that could possibly cause strangulation.  Make sure your child’s school does not have the old pull down cloth hand towel in the bathroom, if the school has one, demand to have it removed immediately because many children have accidentally hung themselves playing around with it.

Take off any sharp or pointed objects from your child’s school gear to avoid any pokes, cut and injuries.  

After school

It is very important for a child’s development to be able to come home from a long day at school and relax, talk about school and have a snack before tackling any homework.  Parents who cannot be home should provide a place for the child to go such as, after school programs, a neighbor’s house or provide a way inside your house.  Do not allow your child to wait on the porch locked out of the house until you can get home.

Teach your child not to tell people they are home alone if someone calls on the phone or knocks on the door.

Have a phone list your child can use to call in case of an emergency.  The list should include how to get a hold of you, the Police and a trusted neighbor.

Legal reminder

If you have a child in grade school or middle school who gets picked up by neighbors or others, make sure you have a the names of the trusted people who can pick them up.

If you have a court order where your ex-spouse has supervised visits or you have a stay away order on your ex-spouse, make sure your school has a copy and is aware that the spouse cannot pick up the child.


We all need these reminders and the many other safety tips available on this very important subject. Take the time to go over them with your children to make sure everyone understands and has a good safe school year. 

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