eliminating pond algae naturally

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Having a beautiful pond increases your property value, and provides a relaxing escape from everyday stress. However, having a pond infested with green algae can have the opposite affect on property values and cause more stress until you deal with the problem.

I like to use natural remedies in my ponds rather than expensive chemicals and solutions. Crawling into the pond and clearing the stubborn algae by hand is not my idea of spending a fun weekend, although in the past that is what i did.

Then i stumbled on an all natural remedy that seems to work well and does not harm my fish. The remedy i found was nothing more than barley chaff. The left over stalks of the barley plant after it is harvested in the field. In some areas of the united states you can literaly pick it up out of the farmer’s field. For most of us you can purchase one or two pound barley pillows from a pond store or or you can search for them on the internet.

There are many companies that offer barley pellets and bales, but i’ve always used the one pound bales in my larger ponds and they seem to work best. The water may discolor for a few days when first placed, but within a week the water should clear on its own. The barley pillows will kill the algae naturally, provide an additional pond grass, and help eliminate many of the odors associated with owning a pond. I recommend using a one pound pillow for every 1000 gallons of pond water.

I am hopeful that this article has helped save you from the hours of hard work i endured in my pond trying to remove the algae that always seemed to return shortly after i removed it.


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