Understanding Twitter Culture For New Marketers

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Become familiar with Twitter Culture

Most of the rules regarding effective networking such as relationship building, branding, and lead generationis applicable on Twitter. But since this social networking platform has its own cultural norms, following these unspoken rules is a must if you don’t want to risk damaging your reputation.

Basic Twitter norms for new internet marketers:

Don’t Be Too Pushy When Welcoming People– Just be polite when thanking someone for following you and nothing more.

Don’t Be Quick In Pushing For A Sale– Do you hate pushy sales people trying to sell you stuff? If you do, then don’t become one.

Brand Consistency– Try not to be too diverse. Try to keep things as simple as possible.

Be Consistent Yourself– Don’t say or do things that you can’t take back.


Tweet about your current projects

People love knowing what other people are up to. Share to them what you are currently working on, and the tools that you use. This can lead to a lively discussion and exchange of idea.

Tweet about industry news within your industry

Share articles, videos, reports, or blog posts about your industry. Share the URL of these news to your followers so that they can view it. If done correctly, you can position yourself as a go to person when it comes to the specific industry that you are in.

Take good care of your followers

Try to reply to questions posted by your contacts, or even sent direct messages if needed. Make your contacts feel that you are a person that wants to make a mutual relationship based on friendship, and not just business.


Help others out, and they will definitely help you out too.

To end, I hope you retweet this post of mine if you think that it will help others. Also, I’m conducting a new Twitter experiment using Bukisa as the subject.

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Till next time guys, happy tweeting!


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